How to Download YouTube Videos

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Downloading videos from YouTube is not a straightforward task as the service does not provide an option to easily download YouTube videos directly from their website. However, there are many tools that help you get the job done.

Here are some of the ways in which you could download YouTube videos easily and quickly.

Method 1: Using our Online YouTube Video Downloader

Step 1: Go to YouTube and copy the link of the video which you wish to download.

Step 2: Now come back to BitDownload and paste the video's link into the search bar at the top of the page. Next, press the Download button.

Step 3: Within a few seconds, a list of all the available download options for that video will be displayed. .

Step 4: Go to YouTube and copy the link of the video which you wish to download. Simply right click on a Download button and choose Save As/Download to save the video to your device

In as little as a few steps, you can easily download videos using our online video downloader tool.

Method 2: Using the BitDownloader Browser Extension

This method adds a download button directly to a YouTube video that you're watching and is the fastest way of downloading your favorite YouTube videos. Here's how

Step 1: The first step is to install the Tampermonkey extension for your browser. TamperMonkey is needed for our extension to work properly. To install, click on the link below that corresponds to your browser:

Step 2: Once TamperMonkey is installed successfully, go to this webpage and click the Install button to add the BitDownloader extension to your browser.

Step 3: Now whenever you are watching a video on YouTube, a download button will appear as shown in the screenshot. Click on it to download the video.

Method 3: Using the BitDownloader Bookmarklet

Using the Bookmarklet that we provide, you can quickly download videos from your favorite websites with the click of a button without having to paste it manually on our website.

To begin, drag the button below to your bookmarks bar:

Download video

As you've noticed, there's now a new bookmark added to your browser. Whenever you want to download a video, such as from YouTube, Facebook, or any other supported website, simply click the bookmark and it willl automatically take you to the video's download page on BitDownloader.